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REAL LOVE: What happens if you are trapped in your thoughts?

So I am starting something new.

A regular theme of blog posts called, Real Love.

One of the things I fight the most in the League are perceptions about love and relationships that have been perpetuated by media.  Without proper relationship role models, we are constantly looking for unrealistic bullshit. Highly romantic.  Highly dramatic.  Totally exhausting.

Trust me, you don’t even want the relationship you think you do.  Grand gestures and romance are nothing but moments.

We are aiming for real love.  Love that is created between two people.  Love that can grow in the cracks of imperfection. Love that is based on respect, appreciation, support and real life shit.

That is mother fucking love!

And that is what we are doing here.

I am an NPR junkie.  I consume their podcasts as much as possible.  Sometimes I will just drive for awhile in the beautiful Wisconsin countryside to catch up on Serial, Radiolab or This American Life.

While I was in Costa Rica in August I discovered Invisibilia.  A podcast created to explore things that are invisible in our culture.

I am in love with the real in this audio from their episode on The History of Thoughts.

This story is about a tragedy that makes most of our loneliness seem easy and the lessons (and love) from it are more real than ever.

This is what real love looks like.  Let’s keep having this conversation.

So here we are.  Listen up and enjoy to this great story from Invisibilia.

Oh, and if you see or hear of a real love story, contact me!