Gift Guide for Fucking Awesome People

Here at the League of Adventurous Singles we like to celebrate the fucking awesome people in our lives.  And those fucking awesome people deserve fucking awesome presents for the holidays.  So here is a gift guide for them…all for under 25 bucks!

For the fucking awesome sock lover in your life.

Listen, if you are going to be a part of a shit show, you might as well be the ringmaster.  $10 BUY


For the fucking awesome cat lover in your life.

If this mug from etsy doesn’t brighten your day, I can’t help you. $15 BUY


For the fucking awesome dog lover in your life.  

If your dog ever gets lost, he will be the coolest lost dog on the fucking block.  $13  BUY


For the fucking awesome grammar nerd in your life!

And you thought that Ticonderoga #2 was the shit.  Not until you get these fucking awesome pencils.  $10 BUY


For the fucking awesome cheese lover in your life.  

This might become my personal motto. $25 BUY


For the fucking awesome taco lover in your life.

Because who doesn’t need a $20 personalized taco necklace?  No one. $20 BUY


For the fucking awesome coffee lover in your life.

Because my life literally does run on coffee, chaos and cusswords! Anyone else?  $16 BUY


For the awesome wine lover in your life.

Every wine drinker need this glass.  Because obviously they are classy as fuck…they are drinking wine! $9 BUY


For the fucking awesome mermaid lover in your life.

My Mom told me I couldn’t be a mermaid….liar! Now I can with this mermaid blanket. $21 BUY


For the fucking awesome unicorn lover in your life.

The fucking awesome headband is the shit. And makes you feel 8 years old again.  I want to wear this everywhere. $19 BUY


For the fucking awesome introvert in your life.

Even fucking awesome people have a bad day.  Now they can express themselves properly.  Without even talking.    $5 BUY


For the fucking awesome zombie lover in your life.  

A kick-ass zombie survival bracelet.  I fucking love this! $25 BUY


For fucking awesome beer lover in your life.  

Fucking awesome slap bracelets….for your beer bottle.  WHAT? $11 BUY5141467

For the crafty science nerds in your life.

Why yes.  That is a cross stitch kit of Bill Nye the Science Guy.  I can’t make this shit up! $16 BUY


For the fucking awesome bibliophiles in your life.  

Old school library card rainbow pillows! Crap they are $30, but they are awesome. $30 BUY


For the fucking awesome Gilmore Girls lover in your life (me!).  

This awesome coffee mug. $22 BUY


And finally for any fucking awesome person in your life….because this is awesome.

I have loved this for years but there has never been a time that we need this more.  Yes.  That is a print of Prince Riding a Unicorn.  Just go over and buy this to support the artist who made this. It will be the best $12 you will ever spend.  $12 BUY


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